Step by Step Mulled Wine Recipe

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Keep scrolling for step by step guide to mulling wine. All you need is a few oranges or citrus fruits of your choice and at least one bottle of a red blend. We prefer a cabernet merlot for a soft, sweet brew. Happy mulling!

Naturally Sweet

Vanilla bean is always a delicious addition to any recipe that calls for a smooth sweetener. Don’t forget to slice the vanilla bean down the centre so that the scent and flavours and can release into your cooking.

If you’re keen to up the sweetness naturally, try adding other fruits such as plums and apples.


My recipe always includes an orange. Most other citrus will do fine such as blood orange, mandarin or even grapefruit.

Whatever you choose, slice or cut your citrus into wedges or however you like. A quarter of your orange will go into the brew, the rest is for garnish.

Start your brew

Use a big enough pot or slow cooker to start your brew. Put everything from your mulled wine kit + a quarter of the citrus into the pot.

Add just enough wine to cover the everything in the pot. Turn up the heat to a simmer and stir occasionally for about five minutes until all of the sugar has dissolved and you have a nice syrupy consistency.

You’re welcome! Your home now smells like winter in Europe!

Add the rest of the wine

You can add up to three or four bottles of wine with this amount of spice in my experience. It depends on how many your making for. Feel free to add more sugar to taste if you’re adding more wine.

Warm it up

When you’ve added all the wine you want turn the heat right down and allow at least 10 minutes for your mulled wine to mull. The longer you leave it the syrupyer it will be i.e overnight. If you don’t want all the alcohol to steam away, keep the lid on and the temperature low. If you prefer it less boozy, take the lid off and let it simmer a little longer.


You’re welcome! Your home now smells like winter in Europe.

Your mulled wine is ready to serve. Ladle into mugs or heat tolerant glasses and garnish with left over fruit.

If you made your own variation I’d love to hear about it – let me know!

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