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Nature In Your Cup. Just Add Liquid!


Drink Me Silly was born from a passion for soothing tea and the wonders of nature. Our offerings, from teas to tisanes and lattes to mulled wine, are crafted with organic herbs, botanicals, and spices, hand-blended in Sydney, Australia.

The Most Natural Ingredients

We source our ingredients from top-quality Australian suppliers, ensuring they are certified organic whenever possible. Our global selection guarantees that every product you receive is fresh and full of flavor.

Meet The Founder: Megan

Hi, I’m Megan, the founder of Drink Me Silly. I work very intuitively as a somatic healer, empowering people through their own minds, bodies and breath to live more optimally. I started this brand to share my delicious creations, hoping to inspire you to explore your intuition and connection to nature. Enjoy endless cups of comfort.

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